Saturday, May 06, 2006

Will Higher Tax Collections Keep Local Increases Down?

An interesting post at etricities notes that numerous east and southeast TN counties have been raking in taxes far ahead of last year. Apparent ever-rising needs in government operations will certainly get a boost, but will it be enough to halt plans to increase local property tax rates?

The statewide breakdown is here. Collections are measured in almost every level of taxation and overall, increases are fairly constant.

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  1. No. I think what local municipalities are doing right now is "Rainy Day" funding. I've seen good examples of this, and then rather shitty ones.
    For rural communities, sometimes that RD fund can help in crunch crisis (ironically, have you ever noticed it's before an election year. This year, the city of Martin froze gas prices for citizens and their is an election later for mayor again.) This was a two-edged ba-da-bing for the local city council.
    Property Taxes in Weakley County are low because of the outgoing county mayor but his reasoning were political as well, and our wheel tax just went up twenty bucks a month so it depends on what we are looking at.
    Increases are inevitable. Although it's unrelated at the point, when I see gas prices edgeing three bucks a gallon and I'm having to halt a majority of my reporters going on long-distance trips, I tend to wonder if anyone gives a flying poop about the lower middle class and the poor.
    Rant over.