Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Time Out For Our Weirder Web

After the irritation of immigration reforms and protests, a day of election primaries (still waiting in some places, and still waiting for percentages of registered voters who did vote, likely to be a small number) it's time for news that will offer up the wackier side of the old U.S. of A.

First, this East TN headline is too funny. And yes, I know I'm juvenile to chuckle at it, but did anyone really want to see that picture??

Next, one of the more unusual candidates in politics today is a wanna-be independent candidate for governor in Alabama. She offers to flash her bodacious ta-tas if you make a donation. At least she is a distinctively different type of candidate from ousted Judge Roy "10 Commandments" Moore. She also keeps a blog, which reads like one of the funniest Southern novels of the last decade, especially her attempt to see her brother in jail, which she couldn't, 'cause she and her mom were't wearing panties.

A recent study shows students don't really understand where they are or how to locate any other place on the map. Even Iraq. The good news of the study is that if the student uses the internet, they be smarterer.

For some good news, it appears as if the National Park Service won't totally open up the wilderness to widespread advertising signs.

And if nothing else cheeers you, take comfort in the fact that Free Comic Book Day is ahead on May 6! At current prices, each comic is valued at about a gallon of gas, so go find some freebies!


  1. Anonymous2:11 PM

    If the two politicians mentioned were to join forces, they could run on the Nall/Ball ticket !

  2. Thank you for informing me about Free Comic Book Day. How did I not know about this???