Monday, May 01, 2006

See The 'Hokey-Pokey' At China's 1st Hooters

Sometimes it is impossible to fabricate or fictionalize the world around us when the actual daily events reach the depths featured in Reuters video odd news round-up titled "And Finally."

Where else could you learn that the first Hooter's eatery opened in China (and check out that amazing rendition of the wait staff singing "The Hokey Pokey"). Or that a life-sized replica of the robot from the old "Lost In Space" TV show can take residence in your home. Or visit the newly created Museum of the Heartbroken. Yeah, I want to pay to view someone else's pathetic memories of Love Gone Wrong.

You can access the video link here. (And yes, there is a commercial first. They're running a business, ya know.)

At least here in America, you can't be jailed for being married because of some angry in-laws. A Pakistani couple was finally released today after five years in jail for the crime of love and marriage. Can an Asian Jerry Springer be in the future?


  1. Thank you for this critically important post. Are we certain it's the real Hooters and not just a counterfeit?

    china law

  2. Hooray for Hooters!

    I feel so good about the exportation of American culture.

  3. Well, China, your sense of humor is surpassed only
    by the shameless self-promotion of your blog.
    And I can only assume by the video provided by
    Reuters which "says" that Hooter's opened up it's
    first Chinese branch that it is not counterfeit.
    As a blogger/consultant regarding China, how is you
    don't know about it?
    And seriously, what business isn't rushing to China?