Thursday, May 04, 2006

Marvel Comics as WMDs and The Real Star Wars

Geekish fanboy here, with some interesting news about Marvel and some great news that the original "Star Wars" trilogy is headed to DVD this fall.

In the world of comics, politics has often a major player, as superhumans battled Nazis in the 40s and the occassional commie in the 50s and 60s, and DC Comics announced recently that Batman was going after Osama Bin Laden. But today Marvel is releasing a series called "Civil War" in which crusaders such as Captain America are informed by President Bush they must be registered as Weapons of Mass Destruction or face charges of being federal fugitives. Iron Man is ok with it, but Cap'n America isn't. Sounds like Marvel has gone all Hardball. Will Stephen Colbert don tights and cape and make snarky comments?

Marvel Editor in Chief, Joe Quesada says:

We need to present both sides' arguments, both sides of the coin, as fairly and as accurately as possible, and really let the readers make their own decision Marvel readers come in all shapes and sizes, and we speak to so many different people, different demographics. It's unfair for us to make this our bully pulpit and sit there and say, 'This bad. That good."

Revisting and revising iconic American entertainment is pretty standard, and as a recent editorial noted, the benefits of reading offer readers the chance to explore and examine the world around them, to encourage the individual to think for themselves.

And never underestimate the might and strength of stereotypical "those durned heathen funny-book readers" and rabid fans of iconic works in all forms of media. Which leads to some great news.

Reports today indicate yet another DVD set of the original "Star Wars" trilogy is slated for release in September which will include the original theatrical versions of each of the movies. The fans demanded it. Looks like the Force is with them. I admit to not buying any of the DVDs now available in hopes that the movies I fell in love with in the theatre might one day make it into my own hot little hands.

Geekish fanboy, signing off.


  1. This is great news. George Lucas' masterbatory re-masters of the originals blow almost as much as the prequels do.

    As for "Civil War," I will reserve judgement until I read it for myself.

    I would also like to note that the idea of Stephen Colbert in tights and a cape makes my heart go pitter-pat.

  2. This comic book sounds like something I would like to read. The last graphic novel I read was Neil Gaimon's last one. I realize these are birds of a different feather, but I sort of dig it.

  3. Stephen Colbert in tights and a cape? Joe, have I ever told you that you're a genius?

    You and I both scooped Ain't It Cool News on the Star Wars thing. This is a point of pride for me.