Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan Williams Did Not Die For Your Sins

Truth is, most of the "opinions" of news folk on cable "news" and radio today are notable for their lurid acrimony and not for insight.

Want to know and understand your world? Go be in it and turn off the dang TV/radio. Being a terrified shut-in with a TV does not make you wise.

Otherwise, this whole "something-shockingly-stupid/bigoted-spoken-on-shock-show" sounds mostly like "but enough about you, let's talk about me and why I'm important."

Here's another note for the endlessly babbling bobble-heads - when you say "I'm-not-a-bigot-but", you've already made your point.

And if you are among those who think NPR should be "defunded by the government" for firing Juan Williams, two things to note: one, no such word as defunded, and two, you obviously think government should dictate content to NPR.

Remember when incompetent people were fired from their jobs for being incompetent and it wasn't news?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Top 10 Things Most Overheard Things Behind The Scenes At Frightmare Manor:

Top Ten Things Most Overheard Things Behind The Scenes At Frightmare Manor:

10. "What time is it?"

9. "We got screamers comin'!!"

8. "I can't see the parking lot for all the people!"

7. "I really have to go to the bathroom."

6. "Make me look really crazy."

5. "Make me look really dead."

4. "Is this enough blood?."

3. "Where's my machete?"*

2. "He screamed like a little girl, bwahahahahahaha ... oh, man this is so much fun!!"

1. "I need more fake blood!"**

*Okay, that was me the other night, asking everyone that one. I never found it, but I found something that is sooooo much better. I won't tell you just what it is in this post, but I will say that this past weekend, I got more screams and jumps than ever.

** It is said by almost everyone, but I will ALWAYS say it the most during a Halloween show. :) I noticed Saturday night that one 10-gallon bucket full o' fake blood was right near my room, and I wasn't sure what it was mostly made of, and I stuck my finger in to get just a drop on it so I could taste it. Result of taste test: A 10-gallon bucket full of Karo syrup-based fake blood is a HUUUUGE amount of sugar and my head buzzed for 2 minutes like I had just put my tongue on an electric fence.