Monday, October 14, 2013

Palin Leads Republicans to Protest Their Own Support for Shutdown

The Bizarro World Republicans continue their assault on Amercan government, as noted at Knox Views and elsewhere.

Whatever goals these folks have remains elusive:

"Remember back when this government shutdown started and the Republicans had so many ambitions? They were going to defund ObamaCare, or at least delay the individual mandate for a year. They were going to introduce a “conscience clause” that would allow employers to deny their workers access to contraception. They were going to compel the administration to bypass the deliberative process at the State Department and preemptively license the Keystone XL pipeline. They were going to gut coal-ash regulations and expand offshore drilling. They were going to get fast track authority for tax reform legislation based on Rep. Paul Ryan’s principles. They were going to cripple the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and rip apart the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reforms. They’d means-test Medicare and finally get tort reform. They had these dreams and many more besides.
But where are we now?"
My own congressman, Phil Roe, head of the Tea Party Cacus, likewise continues to shoot out emails saying "I did not come to Washington to shut down the government ..." But that's what he has done.