Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mash-Up of Odd Legislation Flows In Tennessee

Taking taxpayer funds from struggling schools and giving them as tuition fees to private schools seems a poorly thought idea. Republicans in the Tennessee legislature continue to push the idea anyway on a very fast track. 

Also moving quickly into law, the state is restricting the decisions of city and county governments in a wide range of areas: setting wages, naming local parks, school boards, etc etc.

Also there are efforts underway to require dog owners in Tennessee to purchase $25000 in liability insurance, or worse, to make the law apply only to certain breeds.

Another bill would bar teachers from talking to students about the problems or issues they might have and talk instead to clinical therapists who would be obligated to share the student's thoughts with parents ... But there are no plans to fund the cost of adding clinical professionals to a school's payroll.

Already approved is a law allowing gun permit holders to keep their guns in their cars - which certainly alerts criminals that they might be able to steal a gun by merely breaking into a vehicle.

Bad ideas and odd restrictions are flowing freely.