Thursday, July 03, 2008

Dr. Horrible's Singing Blog Gets Release Date

The new online-only (for now) web musical sci-fi comedy "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog" now has some release dates, as just announced by director Joss Whedon. He says the three ten-minute episodes will roll out thusly:

ACT ONE will go up Tuesday July 15th.
ACT TWO will go up Thursday July 17th.

ACT THREE will go up Saturday July 19th.

All acts will stay up until midnight Sunday July 20th. Then they will vanish into the night, like a phantom (but not THE Phantom – that’s still playing. Like, everywhere.)"

Yes, a future downloadable version (for a fee) will be made available shortly after the free premiere and, yes a DVD is also in the making. More details and a teaser trailer were presented just a few days ago right here.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Power of Clothes

I think I have missed the mighty digital opportunity offered by the internets and the blogs -- Fashion is what should be writing about, Fashion trumps all.

I keep forgetting to learn the Power of Clothes, and I'm sure I pay that price often. But this post is not about me - it's about Us.

Take the case of the FLDS group, the religious group which made the news when law enforcement in Texas raided their compound and took custody of hundreds of kids after allegations of child endangerment and child marriages were received. A media maelstrom followed, then a judge ordered the whole deal was botched from the get-go and now the group has become a Web Sensation for Fashion

The FLDS has launched an online store where members of the general public can purchase the dresses, long underwear, and other ranch-wear "as seen on TV."

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the Web site, was initially created to give Texas authorities a place to purchase the clothing, so children in state custody could maintain their traditional clothing.

The children have been reunited with their families, but the Web site now serves another purpose. The FLDS hopes to raise money through sale of the clothing to help support families from the Yearning For Zion ranch who now live in rental homes in cities like San Antonio and Austin. Some families have returned to the ranch, but many have not.

The Web site said the clothes are made to meet the "FLDS standards for modesty and neatness." And all of the clothes are hand-made "with joy and care" by the FLDS women."

Whatever the status of the group and their criminal woes, I am left simply pondering if indeed Fashion is sooooo important that God's attention is on clothes. Many in the world must deeply, truly hold to the idea. The wrong clothes (and/or facial hair) can bring death and damnation (according to some.) Salvation has a dress code. Who knew?

Fashion is the new Fashion in Politics too - at least it is in Sweden.

There (and boy howdy does this story smack of some weird viral advertising) a 17-year-old Swedish girl, Isabella Lowengrip, runs the and I mean THE most popular blog in that country, Blondinbella -- which apparently began as a political web site to promote the values of and recruit members to a political party in that country.

Instead, the blog is chiefly the Fashion Voice for millions. She posts about shopping and clothes and fashion trends (and earns a hefty income from advertisers).

She does have 200,000 readers a week, apparently - and that’s the same as some newspaper sites, which must terrify the newspapers. Regardless, the blog does appear to be one of the most popular in Sweden. According to Löwengrip herself, that’s because she “cares about her readers and doesn’t scare them away with a site that looks like a homepage from the 1990s”, and because she’s open and shares stories and photos from her life - unlike Swedish politicians.

Get your Swedish Fashion Fix here at Blondinbella. (WARNING: um, it's all Swedish to me).

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Monday, June 30, 2008

ABC Seeks East TN Family for Extreme Makeover

The makers of ABC's Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition are now seeking East Tennesseans for their next season, and you need to act now if you have a nomination for them to consider - the deadline is July 7th, so time is limited for you to move on this one. If you are like me, I'm sure you can think of a family who would not only qualify but benefit greatly from the team at Extreme Home Makeover, and you might change some family's lives for the better!

I received a press release from them today and here it is:


HOLLYWOOD, CA – June 30, 2008

Do you know a hometown hero whose house is in need of an Extreme Makeover? If so, the producers of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition want to hear from you. Ty Pennington and his crew have been all across the map and now they want to drive that famous bus to your neighborhood. The producers are looking for families in East Tennessee for their new season.

“We’ve set our sights on finding American heroes for our sixth season,” says Casting Director Quintin Strack. “We’re looking for the people in your community that are giving something back despite the challenges they may be facing at home.”

What does it take to be picked for an Extreme Makeover? The producers look at three key elements in every family’s story; the house, the need, and the family’s involvement in their community.

Strack says, “we are in search of real heroes…people that have amazing strength and who have put their own needs aside to help someone else.” In addition, to heroics, the producers consider the condition of the family’s home. “This is a very important element. We can’t ask hundreds of volunteers to demolish a perfectly good home or even a house with just a few minor problems. These houses must to be in dire need of help.”

To be eligible, a family must own their own single family home and be able to show producers how a makeover will make a huge difference in their lives.

Interested families should e-mail a short description of their family story to:

Nominations must include the names and ages of each member of the household along with a description of the major challenges within the home. Also be sure to explain how this family is heroic, or a positive role model in their community. If possible, include a recent photo of the family. Don’t forget to include a contact phone number.

Nominations must be received by July 7, 2008. Don’t Delay!

Each episode of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” is self-contained and features a race against time on a project that would ordinarily take at least four months to achieve, involving a team of designers, contractors and several hundred workers who have just seven days to totally rebuild an entire house – every single room, plus the exterior and landscaping.

The lives of the lucky families are forever changed when they learn that they have been selected to have their home walls moved, their floors replaced and even their façades radically changed. The result should be a decorator’s delight… if it can be done in time.

Each episode begins with team leader Ty Pennington’s now-famous “Good morning!” wake-up call, when he, along with the other designers, surprises the unsuspecting family with news that their home has been chosen to receive a makeover. Then viewers witness not only the unbelievable transformation of the house, but during the final and emotional reveal, they see how the home makeover has impacted the lives of the deserving families.

The design team includes team leader Ty Pennington, with designers Paul DiMeo, Paige Hemmis, Michael Moloney, Ed Sanders, Tracy Hutson, Tanya McQueen, Eduardo Xol and John Littlefield. New designers for this season will be Rib Hillis and Didi Ayer.

***About ABC-TV’s Extreme Home Makeover Edition*** “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” which has won back-to-back Emmy Awards as Best Reality Program (non-competitive), is in its 5th season on ABC. The program is produced by Endemol USA, a division of Endemol Holding. Anthony Dominici is the executive producer; and David Goldberg is the president of Endemol USA.

Tennessee's Official Rockabilly Highway

Tennessee now has an official Rockabilly Highway, thanks to efforts of those in the state legislature.

On Friday, officials unveiled the signs which will now mark a 55-mile stretch of Highway 45, from Mississippi to Interstate 40. State Representative Jimmy Eldridge of Jackson is here in the photo showing off the new sign along with Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame representative Henry Harrison in this photo from the Jackson Sun. Their story on the event is here.

A few years ago I was doing business in that part of TN and MS, and recalled stories I had heard of how in the late 1940s and through the 1950s the area was full of honky tonks and clubs where legendary musicians made history - folks like Elvis and Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash, and many others whose names faded into the past. Today, the music is so popular, our state has dueling Hall of Fames (one is the International, mentioned above, and the other is the non-hyphenated, non-international version which is based in Nashville).

One of the performers who found fame on the road and the radio back in the day was Janis Martin, also known at the time as the Female Elvis. She passed away last September, but was performing right up until the end and the following clip is from 2006 as she offers a little rock history and wails on her guitar.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekly Best of Tennessee Blogs

Via TennViews:

• 10,000 Monkeys and a Camera: Wordless Wednesday

Tiny Cat Pants: Will Campfield ever realize the bitter poetic injustice of his being a servant of the people of Tennessee while at the same time working to deny legal personhood to some of those people?

Carole Borges: Understanding how these girls think might actually spur people to make changes that would help problem teens. Usually it's easier to just condemn them.

The Crone Speaks: The average campaign contribution payoff is around $9000 for those dems that changed their vote to support retroactive immunity. Maplight has the list of who made how much. Plus: Countrywide taken to court by the Illinois AG.

• Cup Of Joe Powell: Interview With Congressional Candidate Rob Russell, plus: Super Giant Exxxtreeeeeme Summer Edition Madhouse Marathon... quite possibly the best movie blog of all time and space

Don Williams: Tell me you don’t believe Barack Obama’s a secret Muslim, or that the "fist bump" thing he and Michelle do contains terrorist overtones. Evidently thousands or millions of people believe such nonsense..., plus: Activists, priests, scholars, artists, musicians, writers, teachers, environmentalists and others from a range of spiritual traditions accomplished much June 21 and 22 as they initiated Peace On and With the Earth, a conference to explore the relationship between peace and the environment.

• TNDP: a new religious left movement?

Enclave: ...Ben puts words into the mouths of Social Gospelers that they never would have uttered because it is politically expedient for the anti-revenue mob to discredit mobilized progressive Christians with half-truths about who they are and what they want to "steal." Plus, judicial activists legislating from the bench, Part I and Part II.

Fletch: Tuesday Afternoon

• KnoxViews: Supreme Court rules against Obama!, plus: Authorities shut down largest known TN puppy mill operation

• Lean Left: Heller Open Thread

Left of the Dial: Should marijuana smoking be allowed in airports before one takes a flight? ...who would you rather sit next to on a flight: a drunk or a stoner? Plus: George Carlin’s Legacy

LeftWingCracker: You know, two years ago, Harold Ford Junior thought he had HIS race won, too; that didn't work out so well, did it? Obama needs to tighten up, and fast. Plus: George Carlin: Baseball v. Football

• Liberadio(!) interviews David Sirota

Newscoma: They are creating holes when it comes to civil liberties. And I’m with much of the progressive blogosphere when we see that Barack Obama said he would filibuster this bill last year and he didn’t. I ain’t happy, campers. Obama simply blew it. Bonus: I Need To Start My Own Hippie Newspaper

• A Pesky Fly Must Read: The Top Five Reasons Why The Republican Party is Good for Democrats

• Progressive Nashville: Who's getting stimulated here?, Bonus: A Bill Gates memo to staff re. Windows usability

• Resonance: 2008 Cherohala Challenge Photo Ride Report, plus $7 gas and public transportation.

• RoaneViews: Handguns flying off the shelves, severe drought, working on exceptional, and off road vehicles v. the environment.

Russ McBee: I suppose it's possible that the crippling of a census program which improves the accuracy of counting minorities is just a coincidence., plus: Feingold on FISA

Sean Braisted: While everyone is focused on Heller, another important ruling was issued, this in regards to campaign finance reform.

• Sharon Cobb: Who's your daddy, Hillary?, and Cohen:Conscience of the Freshman Class, plus Why is Luke Russert on my TV?

Silence Isn't Golden: In summation: Mike Stewart, good. David Sirota, wrong. Matt Pulle, full of shit. (Click the link and read why.) Also read this.

Southern Beale: Hell Freezes, I Thank The NRA - Why? Because they just took away the trusty old standby argument they’ve used against every Democratic candidate since forever... Plus: Supreme Court hands ExxonMobil a Big Payday, and Bobby Jindal? Really?, bonus: Nashville welcomes Cher

Tennessee Guerilla Women: You might have thought that after eight long years of the Bush trainwreck, we could have gotten an actual liberal candidate. As the Hillary corner of the lefty blogosphere has repeatedly warned, Obama is no liberal. Is it time to say, we told you so, yet? Plus: Lusty Senators Larry Craig & David Vitter Sponsor Anti Gay Marriage Amendment: Suffice it to say, the Marriage Protection Amendment does not read: Thou shalt not publicly humiliate your wife by coveting another man in a bathroom stall. Nor does it read: Thou shalt not publicly humiliate your wife by fooling around with prostitutes.

TennViews (Chris Lugo): Big brother is watching you and his name is AT&T. Sometimes he goes by the name of BellSouth and at other times he is known as AOL-Time-Warner. Big brother goes by a lot of names. He is listening to you while you talk and watching you while you type and everything you say could be recorded so he can look at it somewhere down the line.

Vibinc: People seeking an office should be comfortable enough with themselves and their positions to take criticism of these topics constructively. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

WhitesCreek Journal: Barack Obama is attempting to do something radical and dangerous for a Presidential candidate...Speak intelligently about religion...

Women’s Health News: Seriously, what better way to proclaim that a lack of proper sex ed or lack of contraceptive availability has no bearing on these pregnancies than to suggest that the girls were sneakily and deliberately trying to become pregnant?