Tuesday, October 08, 2013

1st District Candidate Challenges Rep. Phil Roe and Miley Cyrus

Incumbent 1st District Congressman Phil Roe is being challenged for re-election by another Republican, Dan Hartley, who blasted Rep. Roe during his campaign announcement, saying Roe is part of the "immoral mess in Washington."

"So what do we do, Americans need health coverage, real health coverage, that they can afford? I believe a single payer system would work in this country, where as a Federal sales tax is added on to all purchases. This insures that everyone pays for the health care coverage including  those here illegally.  With this simple tax,  every single legal citizen would be covered.

No Premiums, no substandard care; no waiting in long lines to see your Doctor,;you get to choose who you see and you don't pay for prescriptions either.  Hospitals would have to compete for your business like any other business, an industry standard that has never been done."

Hartley also says something has to be done about Miley Curus too:

"Hollywood has been allowed to glamourize and promote dangerous decisions. Hartley maintains that lawmakers need to proceed with common sense to protect children from “too much, too soon” in the media. “The decision was made in the past to allow Hollywood to monitor itself, and now our children can see the vilest kind of pictures – even when just flipping through the channels,” Hartley said. “Parents say STOP, but lawmakers have been largely silent, choosing to look the other way. To those who say it isn’t that bad, as a father I say one name that makes my point: Miley Cyrus. The airways belong to the people,"