Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Real Complete Truth About NSA Spying

Spying must always be denied - especially if one is not spying when it is often vital to claim instead you are spying.

And generally, whether spied upon or spying, both require the information gathered is limited and inaccurate. Operations which don't exist are perceived as ongoing and continuing. 

In short, spying and intelligence gathering is meant to fool you. 

So recent NSA spying news and narratives seems to be working hard to convince the world they can capture every email, phone call, internet history ... But that they are not. The Snowden Affair has a powerful impact since it could all be true, it could all be fake, it could be a sabotage ruse to insert a mole into China, Russia. etc 

We've all seen this movie and read this book of international espionage. Still though the tactics are familiar, we're now more into personal espionage. Individuals are missile targets now.

Nations - led by US policies - target individuals to battle, a world of arch villains, minions, and assets to pursue. All security is hackable. Social media brings cruelty and fakery, all kinds of folks play deception games, evidence of the casual approvals for spying and much more aggressive actions. James Bond is Everyman and we're at War.

I'm amused by the current TV show "Person of Interest" - where folks who have illegal access to a database of everyone's life and actions are using the info to protect those being observed and recorded. And there's the show "Blacklist" where a super genius villain helps the FBI fight crime and everyone in the cast may be a double or triple agent. We're all under surveillance and it's for our own good ... 

What intelligence agency would want to dispute having that reputation?