Monday, May 01, 2006

The Angry Start Of May

Judging by the temper of this first day in May, it's going to be a rather hot, unruly season for Summer 2006. Boycotts, walkouts, war in Darfur or Iraq or fear of Iran, high gasoline prices, and labor disputes in America and Asia .... the political battles between the two party system - you name it and some group is furious.

One editorial via the Tennessean cites a lack of historical knowledge and the presence of immigrant hysteria on this day when Hispanics are protesting.:

The anger rising from many Tennesseans and Americans over illegal immigration would be comical if not that their response represents a gross ignorance of history.

And that elevates passion and anecdote over perspective and reality, dooming any fair immigration reform legislation from Congress this year. It only ensures polarization over an issue that has plenty of room for compromise."

Another writer via the Knox News Sentinel asks, "Why isn't English the most common language on blogs?"

In Asia, today marks a day for protests about making it tougher for workers to strike.

Perhaps it's no surprise that when even a comedian can rattle the White House and the national media, no one has a sense of humor about much of anything.

Perhaps this is just the kind of world birthed by the endless blaming and hating from drug addled radio talk show land.

Or perhaps, as I have mentioned previously, the Howard Beale Party of the Outraged is gathering strength. But to what end, I could not say. If you Google the news with the word "angry", you'll get plenty of hits. If you substitute "happy", there you'll find some good news, but many of those hits include "not happy with ...."

The name of a recent new hit TV show seems to express the either/or philosophy of all the world of angry folks - "Deal or No Deal".

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    The Colbert presentation was brilliant!