Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Non-Existent Hamblen Co. Ethics Committee Guilty of Violations

It's far too easy to be cynical about the verdict handed down in the case of Hamblen County government's Ethics Committee, as they were found guilty of violating the Tennessee Open Meetings Act.

On one hand, it is encouraging to see the court recognize and rule against such violations. Yet, on the other hand, the county's Ethics Committee was dissolved during the course of the lawsuit filed by a local resident. It doesn't exist anymore (most likely due to the fact is was the subject of a lawsuit). So the ruling from Judge included this odd admonition:

"Should the Hamblen County Ethics Committee be re-constituted, it shall abide by all requirements of the Tennessee Open Meetings Act, T.C.A. 8-44-101 et seq, including providing adequate notice of all public meetings in accordance with T.C.A. 8-44-101, including the time, place, and purpose of each meeting."

So while I'm glad to see the system work, the system is a very clunky machine.

Attorney and blogger Linda Noe has more details on the case and the ruling.

SEE ALSO: Plans are being made by some Tennessee legislators to confuse laws even more when it comes to public records - seems e-mails from government computers need their own legislative control.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Strange Moments In Thanksgiving History

Is is possible to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal using an Easy-Bake oven? I doubt it - however it has been attempted at least once. See what happens here.

Dinosaurs, Wayne Newton and Soupy Sales were featured in the 1966 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, all captured on Super8 film. Is it just me or do the people on these rickety floats look like they are about to fall down?

I learned this year that cranberry sauce and Thanksgiving got together thanks to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and the Civil War.

What happens when you ask a science fiction writer to say Grace on Thanksgiving:

We also thank you for the world and that in your wisdom you have not stopped the Earth's core from rotating, collapsing our planet's magnetic field and causing microwaves from the sun to fry whole cities, requiring a plucky band of scientists to drill down through the mantle and start the core's rotation with nuclear bombs. That seems like a lot of work, so we are pleased you've kept the Earth's core as it is.

We also thank you for once again not allowing our technology to gain sentience, to launch our own missiles at us, to send a robot back in time to kill the mother of the human resistance, to enslave us all, and finally to use our bodies as batteries. That doesn't even make sense from an energy-management point of view, Lord, and you'd think the robots would know that. But in your wisdom, you haven't made it an issue yet, so thank you."

Here's hoping your holiday is bountiful, thankful and has no strange moments.