Thursday, July 08, 2010

In Which I Recreate the 100 Acre Wood in Morristown

What has your humble narrator been busy working on the last month or so? I've been working on the 19th Annual Rose Center Summer Players production of "Winnie The Pooh", which runs for three (count 'em, three) performances only July 30, 31 and Aug 1 in Morristown, at Rose Center's Pater Hall. (call 423-581-4330 for ticket information)

This is my third year as director for an immensely talented group of area students, grades 6 to 12, who do more than just audition for a role in the play - they help create costumes, sets, makeup, even develop ad sales for the programs. And, once again, the cast's fierce commitment in all those areas makes for a most wonderful production. It's a very energetic and imaginative process for both myself and the cast and a great way to spend a summer! And the Rose Center, the arts and cultural heart of Morristown, cannot be praised enough for their tireless devotion to supporting the arts and arts education in our community.

And, as before, I consider myself to be most fortunate to have been asked to serve as director for these shows. Last year, we worked on creating a gigantic moving peach and an octopus attack for "James and the Giant Peach", and before that, the fantastical world of "Alice In Wonderland." I selected Milne's story this year for a kinder, gentler world of children and wonder and discovery. True, some of the cast laughingly wondered if the gloomy Eeyore was a "suicidal donkey", which highlights how all the Pooh characters are really more than meet the eye.

In fact, since the Summer of 2010 has woes aplenty in the real world just stacking up, it will be a most welcome change to come visit us in the relaxing and only slightly chaotic 100 Acre Wood. You are invited!

I'll do my best to have some pics up and other details soon, as the July 31 opening is drawing closer.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010