Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Worst Kidney Stone in Human History

Here at the end of 2018, I am somewhat embarrassed so many of the few posts this year have been about the Fake President currently in office. I didn't want to do that, but the harm being done by the individual is consistently alarming and newsworthy.

I take some minimal comfort in the reality that the majority of voters cast their votes for someone else. Also bringing relief, the fact that the political faction responsible for his term were pretty much thrown out in the elections of the Fall of this year. But restoring the nation will be a great task and one that takes more time. Simply put, this bizzaro episode isn't going to end well. 

So onward to 2019, and again, I'll exert more effort to renew the readability and worth of posts on this humble, but lovable page. As for our current discomfort, it shall pass .... like the worst kidney stone in human history.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Bizzaro President

I keep striving to stay off and away from the current politic holding sway in America, the Trump-Anti-Politic, but I'm really concerned for the Americans aiding and abetting it's prominence whether through will or apathy. 

And I'm concerned for those who have never been taken in by the Trump con, because, hey I feel ya. It's like living in a Bizarro Superman presidency or something and worse, it just keeps getting worse. Today, it's the president's attorney proclaiming "truth isn't truth" with relation to Trump. (Oh, we knew that already, btw).

I'm no political newbie. It's been a passion, a hobby,and local, state and national politics has - just in my lifetime - been a chaotic mess, a swill of corruption and also a realm of great achievement for the common good of our nation and our planet. 

If Trump posted his Tweets as the CEO of a company, he'd already have been fired.

So I'm concerned for all these folks who are trying to hold political concepts like "truth isn't truth" alongside the Constitution;support for arresting immigrants vs. the Constitution, our own history, morals, etc; and so much more - such contrary-wise thinking has to be debilitating after a while. 

A lot of the conflict and headaches you're having would ease up considerably if you'd just remember that no skin color makes any difference to anyone's worth, just like where someone is from is any reason to go all knock-kneed in terror, no need to fear them or harm them if they are poor, or if they love someone you don't approve of. I understand your sense of unease - our country has been at war in the middle east for 18 years now and Fear of Others has been our National Default Setting. All alliances become strained, and then 18 years of war along with other regional wars waged by despots have, no surprise, displaced millions and millions and millions of people who no longer have a home. Strangers seem to be everywhere.

But we have (well, we had) some strong skills at adapting and cooperating with our alliances to provide shelter and security, and we surely must soon consider how to end the longest war in the history of America. There are no voices of leadership even calling it into question.

For the rest of us - those who tried to warn others - if America isn't the leader of Democracy and Equality in the world ... who is?

Friday, June 29, 2018

Summer 2018 - They Live ... Again

Let's knock the dust of this page.

A reason for the long time between posts - I wanted it to be ignored for a while, forgotten even, so I had fewer concerns about who might read it. Job done!

On to business -

As a lifelong political observer, it has been a most fascinating time, though a sad one for the old U.S. of A. After surviving so many challenges of the most dire sort, it seems the worst folks imaginable are in charge supported by a very vocal minority of citizens who are demented by hatred and racism and self-aggrandizement. I can't say the prognosis is good - I'm afraid the old U.S. of A. is probably going to to get sicker before it gets better. 

An encore rally of the white-supremacist neo-nazis from Charlottesville have booked their next appearance - the national mall in front of the White House in August. Guest speakers to include........

Meanwhile, I've noted some true Weirdness worth noting - such as

 - - The use of foreskins from Korean babies as the base of a high-dollar facial treatment for rich white ladies (aka The Penis Facial). I hear The Idiot in Chief is a big fan.

- - America currently has the largest stockpile of cheese in over a century. Too much milk which is a part of the Idiot in Chief's Trade War stratagems. 

- - Finally! Robosuits are here!! (and remember, Robos can't unionize!!)

-- So for nearly 18 years now, every big-budget Hollywood box office hit feature agonizingly long and detailed scenes of giant skyscrapers collapsing into enormous billowing clouds of dust but no one is talking about the nation's recurring daydream of what happened at the World trade Center. Y'all are creeping me out.

- - Speaking of movies, check out the Daily Itinerary of the Killer in a Slasher Movie.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Breaking News Spring 2018

Yep, I'm still here. Did any dear reader take my suggestion to read thru the decade of previous posts?

No matter - here's a few things worth noting.

For the last few months, I've let the world turn and gyrate without commentary. I know you're trying, World, (well, there are sure some who are not) so I've withheld my views, much as a parent must eventually let go of the bicycle and let the child take over. And i'm not going to say I'm disappointed or angry. 

At this point, we just need to all be grown up and admit that consequences for illegal and impeachable offenses in the current White House are inevitable, if we follow our own governmental rules.

However, our current president is greatly skilled at a sort of "loss-leader" style of governing. From day one, actually, when this lifetimer salesman announced he was running. He is certain to include an outrageous comment (that Mexican immigrants are rapists) knowing full well the media machines would make that the story, when the real thing to probe and report on is the Candidate - who's who in the campaign, platforms and plans, experience, potential appointees, specifics. He continues such daily and weekly, via Twitter or in press briefings, meetings, legislating, etc - while the surface roils with items known to management to be losing are touted in order to draw in more potential 'customers' or voters, while real effort is being devoted (and not really debated) in areas affecting real changes on a national governing level.

I take great solace that hopefully the actions and voices of a generation (several actually) are about to march on Washington by the hundreds of thousands to demand an end to assault rifle sales, to stronger controls over high-powered weaponry, to refuse to accept endless shooter alerts while attending school will create a much-needed shift away from gun violence. Public school 2018 is akin to Vietnam, wasting the lives of the youngest and brightest for reasons archaic and obscure and pointless.

What else we got here?

Oh hey, welcome to the Internet America - because yes, all the info you put online, every connection and click you make, is being collected, studied, sold, and weaponized against you. You don't have to provide all that free data, you can keep a lot private, but it is being consumed and used without your ok.

In Entertainment news, I still haven't seen "Frozen" and I feel just fine.

And what was that other thing? ..... Ah yes, our nation is still at war in the middle east. Anybody got a year count on this war?