Wednesday, May 03, 2006


It's May. The sun is still up and warm breezes drift through the house. I took a drive in the truck to Knox-vegas the other day with this 75 pound pit bull named Sophie who is as mild mannered as a butterfly. We had the windows rolled down, Sophie steered and I worked the clutch. I was listening to some bebop. We both like May. The other dog here, Groovy, is getting too old to take rides, but will always be The Groovy Dog.


Here is Charlie Parker, Coleman Hawkins and others in some studio promo bits. In the second scene, that's Buddy Rich on the drums. I got to see him and his band once and his joy was infectious. Charlie, well ... what can you say about a man who smokes cigarettes between riffs on the sax?

And man can I waste some time at YouTube. I can watch Charlie, or Beck or every blessed episode of "Cowboy Bebop", which, you know, has a spaceship named for Charlie's style. The word is Bebop.


  1. Anonymous8:45 PM

    You always get me with these. Bird's head was wired for sound. Find us some Django.

  2. Bird. Cowboy Bebop.
    I am seriously enamoured with you.

  3. WM - I did find a nifty flim of Django and his Quintet which I;ll try and post by Friday.

    and Newscoma, aww.. *blush* ... more of that Wonder Twin/Triplet effect. I first saw Cowboy Bebop on like episode 20 and was really lost, so I started watching them in order and found it to be a most satisfying experience. Even the theatrical movie was mighty good.

  4. Mmm...

    This just made my night.


    PS: I'm insanely jealous that you got to see Buddy Rich. I got to see Sonny Rollins once and I nearly wet my pants.

  5. Missed my chance to see Sonny, which makes me jealous in return.

    But dare I mention that the night I saw Buddy was as part of press junket in Disneyworld - they shut the whole park down so a group of some 12,000 journalists from around the world got to play in Walt's world for free, eating and drinking like mad and also saw Ray Charles perform? Garments were soiled.

    Oddly, many of those in attendance went insanely wild when Dolly Parton took the stage, which for me, was no biggie, since her themepark is just miles away and I've had numerous one-on-one interviews with her. A fine singer, yes, but Ray and Buddy were the ones I went ga-ga for.

  6. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You've gotten to interview Dolly Parton "numerous" times? I. Am. So. Jealous.

    I mean, don't get me wrong - musically, I'd take Buddy Rich or Ray Charles over Dolly any day - but who would I rather sit down with? C'mon.

    So just how bodacious were her ta-tas?

  7. LOL, Tits.
    Make no mistake she has more mass in her chest than her body, as she is a wee little thing who often wears wigs large enough to house half of Tennessee. Truly, her ankles are teeny, her waist is teeny but the voice, wigs and ta-tas are as big as the Smoky Mtns. themselves.
    I must add too during all our conversations, she was never pretentious or self-obsessed, just very much plainly a very savvy businesswoman who knows the diff between the performer onstage and the person who creates the performer.
    And yeah, DANG bodacious!!! what was it your friend called them - "snugglesacks"? Hers are more like

  8. Yes, Dolly is trés tiny. I remember that press junket at Dollywood when they opened Thunder Road. She was soooooooooooooooo small. But it was a hot day and there was plenty of shade to be had beneath those ta-tas.

    I've seen Ray Charels perform several times, including once at the Hollywood Bowl. He was simply smokin.
    The day he died, his publicist called me to tell me personally before they released it to the news.
    He knew what a big fan I was.