Tuesday, October 04, 2011

This Is Post Number 2000

2000 entries seems notable, so I note it.

I had and have numerous items I'd like to include in this milestone, however I have some rather disconcerting medical woes at present and so good sentences are not easily obtained. Perhaps I am merely feeling the burdens of age and time, yet I despise not having the abilities I normally have - And rather than sit quiet, I decided to offer this humble post.

And I also write to express my endless thanks to all the readers from around the world who have stopped by at least once to explore a Cup of Joe. So thank you.

If you have found some value in one or ten or a hundred of the 2000 posts offered here, I am flattered and  grateful. I know I have at least another 2000 to share, and likely much more.

However today is for healing up, resting and giving thanks.

I'll be in touch.