Thursday, January 05, 2012

Stephen Hawking on the Universal Mystery

Like many people, I've followed the works and ideas presented by the scientist Stephen Hawking for many years with great interest and fascination. His ideas are always fascinating as he ponders the workings of the universe even as he himself is stuck in a physical form which has lost the ability to move or speak without the aid of machinery. He's quite enigmatic.

But in an interview published today in New Scientist magazine in honor of his upcoming 70th birthday, I've learned he and I share a tremendous curiosity for another endless enigma. When the magazine asked him "What do you think most about during the day?" he replied:

"Women. They are a complete mystery."

I'm with you, Stephen. 

Women are one of the best creations in the universe. While one might be able with diligent research and investigation to decipher the workings of time and space, and at least present a theory of some sort, which might be tested and explored, about our shared universe ... women continue to dumbfound men. (Not that difficult, really.) And I would hate to contemplate a universe without them in it.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Chuck Norris Ponders The Iowa Caucus

Bestowing meaning to today's vote in the Republican vote in the Iowa caucus is like pondering the meaning of what Punxsutawney Phil chooses to do on Groundhog Day.

Roughly four-hundredths of one percent of the American population participates in the vote in Iowa - mighty small numbers easily out-manned by the reporters and campaign-spinners who urgently seek ... something to report or spin about Republicans other than a Joke of the Day. Still, an election does have to start somewhere, though the winner of the GOP Iowa caucus in 2008 was Mike Huckabee and his effort tanked shortly after.

Republicans have nothing to gain by taking the presidency in 2012. They want to run Congress, and heap blame on President Obama for every ill in the world. It's like running a "long con".

 For more fun-filled election predictions, let's check out the Constitutional Thinking of Chuck Norris, who today offers his "10 Questions to Find Our Next President" -

"8) Who has the best working comprehension of America?

John Adams, America's second president, said, "I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy."

Up next: the Kardashian Family investigates health care while shopping. Ah, Republican politics, the comedy gift that keeps on giving.