Friday, December 19, 2008

Annual Christmas Music Collection, Part Two

Here is the second part of the annual Christmas music collection for 2008, this one has an all jazz theme. (Part One is here.) Look for a third part in the next few days.

Also, if you have a favorite song and artist, please mention it in the comments. Merry Ho-Ho! (image via Square America)

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  1. do you have orson welles' christmas l.p. ? (he rocks "good king wenceslaus") happy holidays

  2. the only thing I could locate in a brief search is this skit from SCTV with Dave Thomas as Liberace and a rather angry Orson Welles (John Candy) muffing his way thru Good King Wencelas ...

    i'll keep looking!!

  3. Hi Joe, you have me wandering how I could embed seeqpod in my page. Perhaps there may be a widget that does something similar. Anyway - thanks for the response!

  4. Seeqpod shows the embed codes for any playlist you create.

  5. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Christmas at Ground Zero, "Weird Al" Yanokvich. Best holiday song ever. And you can quote me.