Saturday, December 20, 2008

Be A Movie Maker With MTV and Flip

MTV and a video camera company called Flip have been hard at work to create a totally user-created broadcast on MTV, made by all kinds of young people around the nation.

The Flip is a simple hand-held camera with razor sharp pictures, built in software interface, and microphone and a customizable design, and is incredibly easy to use. By partnering with MTV, all content created ends up on a special MTV program and is posted MTV online as well.

To get started, 100 people were given free Flips. Users created the content and sent it in and a totally user-created media is now up and running. And media outlets across the nation are giving rave reviews to the whole idea, from The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CBS News, Entertainment Tonight, USA Today, The Washington Post, Business Week, Times, Forbes, PC World and more.

The MTV site has tons of videos out now for you to watch by clicking here. And you can learn more about The Flip and all it can do here.

The MTV site also has details on how you can watch the videos and grab your own free Flip too.

It's all up to the video makers to decide what to create and share, and as MTV says "
Different themes guided them, some were open-ended, others were scavenger hunts and others were questions only they could answer. "

Some of the categories folks are using to make their short videos include:

  1. Worst Date
  2. Awake, Alive, Surprises
  3. News Near Me
  4. Last Dream I Remember
  5. 1:02 Thursday - This Just Happened
  6. Bridges, Rhinos, Chandeliers
  7. Share a Secret
  8. If I Could Change 1 Thing About The World
And every day another free Flip is being offered -- the details are all here.

Here's just one sample vid, about what was making the news for one video maker:


  1. Check out this Flip Video: