Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Tennessee Bulber Movement

It looks and acts mostly like children pouting fretting over a Coveted Toy. Now, but it is called Congress.

Tennessee congress-folk voted to not fund anything a'tall fer them hippie/commie light bulb laws, laws congress made in 2007. Now the Tennessee Bulbers have voted as a group again to ...not fund ... Light Bulb Police??? It's rather hard to say what the off the books vote they had Friday to "not fund enforcement" of the current standards for light bulbs would actually do.

This week between tantrums about that bad man in the President's office, Tennessee childr -- oops, Congressman made our government spend business hours talking and debating "How energy efficient a light bulb should be?"

Every Republican member of our current state congress-folk, in fact, was sponsor and voter on a bill to repeal a 2007 law that requires very highly efficient lightbulbs, (meaning very, very science-fiction weird scary light bulbs) be produced in the country. Even though the law only means some incandescent lights are are being replaced - the furious crowd of politicians/candidates/PR gangs for the next president wannabes, pucker up with Real American Pride and say "Thomas Edison was a good American and as an American I don't want the government telling me what kinda light bulb I can buy."

Response one -
"You're right, it is a corporate decision telling me what kinda light bulb I can buy."

Response two -
"Yeah, I'm all for government making sure I have electricity, but I draw a line in the sand on how I use it!"

Response three - "Would you like to invest in my buggy whip company?"

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