Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tennessee Does Not Feel Perky

A snapshot survey of the state of Tennessee makes some grim observations - about 40% of the population is "stressed out", and the overall 2010 Well Being Index says Tennessee rates 10th in the top ten - as in the Ten States With Bad Well Being.

This survey breaks info down to city, state and Congressional district - and was created by the Gallup-Healthways group, which formed in 2008 to create information which would be given to "
Every city, state, and congressional district face unique challenges and the granular level Well-Being Index data shed light on these area-specific issues, allowing leaders to build and shape policies and strategies to address the needs of their communities."

I have to wonder if it's all those "policies and strategies" created by our "leaders" that are the real cause of high stress and lousy well being?

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