Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Sen. Campfield Club Needs Parental Okay

I'll hand it to Knoxville Sen. Stacey Campfield -- he do love to make headlines, even ones that make him look like a high-level chucklehead (see The Daily Show). (And for the record, Stupid does not adhere to state boundaries.)

But now The Senator offers a state-mandated, nanny-government rule which would force public schools to make students get pre-approval from parents for any extra-curricular activities of clubs and organizations. Hopefully, despite the intrusion of the State Overlords, most all parents kinda sorta know what kinds of clubs and groups their children take part in - just ask most any parent and they'll tell you the long list of locations and activities they drive their children to and from.

But Big-Government, You-Need-Help-Parenting The-Sen.-Campfield apparently is utterly unaware of such familial behavior.

And really, should it not be the local school boards which set the standards for student organizations and parental notifications? And don't they do that already??

I'd hate to think students will be forced into top-secret, underground groups and confederations. Who knows, though, maybe Sen. Campfield could start one of his own ...

The Nominee (Not An Actual Photo of Sen. Campy)


  1. Speaking of the "He Man Woman Hater's Club," check out Campy's amendment to "defund" Planned Parenthood:

    It will cost Shelby County at least $500,000 more every year to provide the family planning services that Planned Parenthood does, but Campy doesn't care about that. After all, he doesn't live in Shelby County and doesn't have to pay property taxes here.

    Or maybe it is that Campy just doesn't care anything about women and their "problems," like pregnancy.

  2. the majority of his legislative agenda sure seems to express a bleak and disrespectful perception of women and parents.