Friday, May 20, 2011

Congressman Roe Jokes About Death of President Obama

While speaking to the Johnson City Rotary Club, 1st District Congressman Phil Roe made what the Johnson City Press called a "slip of the tongue'' - saying he was glad that Obama was killed, rather than saying Osama was killed. Then he added "Well, I guess you know who I'll be voting for in November!"

Ha. Ha. It's a joke to him - and shows in his mind he equates the ruthless, brutal killer Osama bin Laden with the president.

Without a doubt, in all the heated reporting on OBL's death, many a newsperson and commentator often made the same error - but I never heard anyone once embrace the error and joke about it like my congressman did.

Rep. Roe also made a loopy prediction that a Federal Government shutdown was ahead in August, blaming the likely option of a vote to increase the Fed's debt limit. The fact is, every time the 1917-era law creating the "debt limit" has been reached, Congress has raised it. It's a pretty meaningless "law".

Still, Rep. Roe had his PowerPoint presentation to show off just how evil Democrats are destroying America by daring to spend money. All the recent cheers of success via Congressional Republicans that they cut $38 billion in the budget are also meaningless. They cut money to programs which weren't active and when all the actual computations were made, the cuts amounted to just over $350 million.

In an effort to aid my congressman, here's one simple graphic to show why the debt is so large and where most of it comes from.

And to go with the above graph, here is a breakdown of the numbers and how the graph was created. Here's a sample of some of the facts Rep. Roe does not want his district to know:

Without the economic downturn and the fiscal policies of the previous Administration, the budget would be roughly in balance over the next decade. That would have put the nation on a much sounder footing to address the demographic challenges and the cost pressures in health care that darken the long-run fiscal outlook."

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