Friday, December 12, 2008

Annual Christmas Music Collection, Part One

Here's another in the annual offerings of Christmas music. I know there are personal faves for this time of year -- but I always like to give other musicians their shot at earning a place in Tradition.

So I started this collection out with a longtime favorite (which is offered again at the end in a new version), and after some thought, I decided that Christmas 2008 has some bleak qualities. Too much talk of money or the lack of it and shopping or the lack of it. At the risk of providing a collection that might be called An Emo Christmas, here are some tunes you may or may not know and which may or may not add some sadness to your egg nog. (And besides, if T Rex can sing something bouncy for the holidays, it can't all be bad.)

Consider this part one of this year's musical montage -- yes, that means at least one or maybe two more collections will be posted on coming days.

Enjoy the music and the holidays -- and Merry Christmas everybody, no matter what.

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  1. movie almost done contact logan for details. xmas at my place

  2. Anonymous12:16 AM

    All I can say is anybody who likes "peanuts" and Willy Nelson can't be all bad.Merry Christmas Joe.

  3. thanks for the update Tommy3!

    and Merry Christmas to you to James -- i really need to return your DVDs, huh?

  4. I do love Christmas music - not a bad selection. Thanks for sharing. I have been collecting my favourites too - yours has made the list on Music and Songs over Christmas.

  5. Thanks Danny --
    and be sure to check out Volume 2 of 2008 on this post from this week: