Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Victory For All Americans

I haven't ever seen anything like that crowd at Grant Park in Chicago last night. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered to celebrate not a candidate or political party or even a campaign, but to celebrate a victory for Americans who have a vision for a better future, a better nation and a better world.


  1. Joe, I'm probably the only person you know that tried to call you from there. Cell phones were not working well. It was AWESOME! we'll chat later.

  2. Bill,
    I was going to have to call you today and really chastise you if you did not attend that most historic event.
    Glad you made it!!

  3. carpenterjd10:21 AM

    Bill, I am jealous.
    Joe, my hope in the ability of humans to progress beyond the superficial is somewhat restored.

  4. Bill,
    Dittos on the jealous, but it's cool to think that I know SOMEONE that was there.

    I've been crying happy tears on and off since 11:00 PM last night.

    Here's my Soundtrack for the occasion.

  5. Our long national nightmare is over.