Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Liveblogging The Election Returns

UPDATE 01: Just in case the night is more than you can handle, some advice on a variety of beverage recipes and Candidate Cocktails based on your candidate of choice here.

UPDATE 02: A flood of returns should start rolling in very soon - I'll post the local returns in Hamblen County, but also have results for the 1st District Congressional race too. The city of Morristown is considering a referendum for liquor by the drink, which almost passed in 2003, but I'd bet the referendum fails by a larger number this time around. County by county returns in Tennessee will be posted here at the state site as soon as they get the info.

UPDATE 03: Early voting results in Hamblen County: 12,666 votes cast in early votes
Liquor By The Drink - Yes: 2,733 No: 2,580
Sales Tax Increase - No 4,069 Yes 3,079
1st District Congress (D) Russell - 29% (R) Roe - 66%
Obama - 30.6% McCain - 68%

UPDATE 04: About 4 precincts reporting, with the local results
Liquor By The Drink -- Yes 3517 No 3235
Sales Tax -- No 4471 Yes 3328

Looks like the city may just get their long-sought-for LBTD sales, and the county is rejecting a sales tax increase. For national offices, the Republicans continue to dominate.

UPDATE 05: Final Hamblen County results:
LBTD passes with Yes 4525 No 4098
Sales tax increase defeated with No 8316 Yes 5556
John Litz (D) unopposed is re-elected
Roe 66%
Russell 30%
Obama 30%
McCain 68%

Looking at the national results, it looks like NC, FL, PA and OH are in Obama's corner. Results will take more time to settle out, but the Senator from Illinois may become the next president. Stay tuned for more info as soon as it is available.

UPDATE 06: A resounding win, much as expected, for Phil Roe (R) against Rob Russell (D), with Roe taking some 72% of the vote according to the AP. Overall, solid wins so far in the Congress for Democrats. As the pundits on MSNBC reported, the one region of the country with a solid Republican block in Congress is on the South. Sigh.


  1. Well, well, well. It looks like Hell may have frozen over. You can really buy a real drink in Morristown. That will make my next visit much more interesting.

  2. Yesssssssssssssssss!!!!! on the election results. We may actually get a few civil rights back.