Thursday, November 06, 2008

Calming The Hysterical Conservative

I did not want to post anything today about politics or President-elect Obama .... however.

There remains this bitter denial of reality from the Conservative Right for the decisive choice made this week by the majority of Americans.

Fervent expressions of shock, disgust and other howling tantrums from the Right might best be addressed by this video which Metulj offered on KnoxBlab:

At this point, cable news, talk radio and much of the online world need a Time Out, if only so the rest of us can get a little peace and quiet and go on with our lives.

Be sure to Read This Post from DeMarCaTionVille for a Reality Check:

It wasn’t the firecrackers tossed in my driveway that caused me to cringe, but the words. It probably caused some of you to cringe seeing it typed out here… because no matter how many times you have seen or heard it and regardless of who pushes it forth - this word will never completely lose it’s power to shock, offend or leave some feeling as though they’ve been punched in the stomach by centuries of history.

Of course, these were just mouthy high school kids - little boys and not very bright ones at that since they had picked the minority family on a dead-end street, meaning they’d have to turn around the circle at the end of the subdivision and bring their narrow-butts right back by my house.

I was angry nonetheless.

I was so angry that I grabbed my car keys and headed out the door, intending to set up my own a road block, take names, call Mamas and the police. If necessary, I’d involve the National Damn Gaurd, the ACLU and the DOJ. Also, suspecting that I knew one of the car’s occupants, I absolutely meant to cut a switch from a tree and whip his half-grown ass myself… because I’m sure his Daddy wouldn’t mind.

In the end, however, I didn’t do any of those things."

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  1. Joe, I've experienced the brunt rudeness of my neocon family & some friends too. Like I haven't been paiently waiting for 8 yrs, for this moment of peace to come.. & now I'm stuck w/ their ranting & pulling of hair!
    Thanks for the video.. maybe some paragoric is in order.