Sunday, December 02, 2007

On Being Named A 'Must Read' Blog

A rather unexpected surprise arrived for this humble-but-lovable blog, from Michael Silence at the Knoxville News Sentinel this past week - he listed this blog among his favorites in his post of "If I Could Only Read Five Blogs."

Many thanks Michael, to include me among your choices.

And for new and regular readers here, I say hold on to your wits as I am gearing up for some very important posts in coming weeks and days dealing with some most important issues affecting every person in our state.

Also in the past week I have been contacted by several national groups who are organizers of something called "Influencer Marketing", a trendy buzz concept from traditional media marketing groups. One definition of the idea is mentioned here and says "
In the context of Influencer Marketing, influence is less about argument and coercion to a particular point of view, and more about loose interactions between various parties in a community."

One of many aspects of the blogging and internet world I have discovered is that more than 'blog influencers' impact is the impact that readers have on local and national opinions.

Making info available is certainly valuable. How we use and share that information among our friends and peers is the true power, so people who read news and opinion remain the key to shaping debate on issues.

So my thanks to those who see value in this blog, and thanks for the work all of you do every day.


  1. And he's right. You are fabulous.
    ***clap, clap, clap***


  2. Joe, a well deserved atta-boy! You may be outgrowing blogspot, consider finding a sponsor and a real dot com url. With reviews like that and your talent you could actually make a decent living at this writing on the internets gig.

  3. I agree.. you should have this column supporting you. If Dooce can buy a new home w/ her blog earnings.. you can do the same. Of course you would have to include more dog pics.. that seems to work for her. ;o)

  4. If you need an assistant, call me in Hooterville. BR-549. :)

  5. you can access this page with a simple

    and yes, building up cash money support is certainly a goal.

    thanks to all for your encouragement, too!!

  6. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Dog Pics??!!!

    Where's the Sophie Kitchen pic?
    That should get people here in a heartbeat!!!!

  7. the Sophie pic is slated for arrival later today!

  8. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Woo Hoo!

    That'll warm some heart cockles!
    (Why does that sound dirty?)