Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Economist Takes On Dollywood

England explores Dollywood in the latest issue of The Economist, which offers their own drawing (see image at right) to go with their report.

The story (link here) notes:

People do not fly to Dollywood; they drive there in big cars full of squabbling children. East-coast accents, let alone foreign ones, are rare. The park is thus an excellent window on what people in this part of the American heartland like."

The Pigeon Forge Experience is certainly more vast than it was when I first went there way back in the 1960s. It really has not changed much in what it offered then - there is just a lot more of it.

Is it a true template of the American heartland?

(hat-tip to Hilbilly Savants)


  1. Depending on what one considers "the American Heartland" but I think it certainly is a template for life in East Tennessee/Southern Appalachia.

  2. Dear Lord, I hope not. One of my most miserable days was spent there last summer. If this is representation of our local culture, get me to an island!
    Fortunately, I'll just assume it's an annomally.. & will continue to enjoy my east TN experience.