Monday, December 03, 2007

Guest Dog Blog

Sophie, the official canine representative of yer Cup of Joe Powell returns in a recent photo, courtesy of The Editor. A black and white photo of a black and white dog on a black and white floor is a good thing.


  1. The Editor10:28 AM

    ME: Sit Sophie.
    SOPHIE: Baroo?
    ME: Do you want this biscuit?
    SOPHIE: Baroo roo roo roo.
    ME: Look up here at the biscuit.
    SOPHIE: Roo Roo? [looks over shoulder at passing NaNa Kitty]
    ME: No. Here. At the biscuit.
    SOPHIE: [chews butt]
    ME: Sophie. ... Sophie! Up here. At the biscuit!
    SOPHIE: Baroooscit?

  2. Sophie deserves to be a 'calendar' dog.. Get on over to cafe press & set her up.
    She's definitely Miss December, for me!

  3. The Editor12:54 PM

    Oh Sand, I want so much to get some sort of outfit on that pup, put her in a winter wonderland setting, and use it for a holiday card... you don't even know.

  4. And gee... every time I see that picture I can't wait to go snuggle with her snorfalness!