Monday, November 05, 2007

Worst Blog Post Ever

Kevin Drum is offering a chance to vote on the worst blog commentary ever - or as he calls it the All-Time Wingnuttiest Blog Post Ever.

Wingnuttery often flourishes on the Web, from bizarre conspiracies to unknowingly ignorant rants. Drum's list is a decent collection of the Just Awful, but I (and I;m sure you too) read almost daily some truly dumb and dangerous riffs on almost every topic imaginable.

A nifty feature of the Web (or it's critical fault, depending on your perspective) is that debate/discussion is often simply a chance to trot our Your Favorite Anecdote/Myth/Truth and hoist it up high for all the world to see as a basic template for Everything That is Wrong. Or Right, even. And while I can certainly cite good examples of goofy logic in essay form on the Blogs O' The World, it is often in the comments on posts where the crazy truly shines.

So does this contest just highlight the worst of the Web for no real reason? Is it all childish? Why not search for the best of the best? And what one might find Truly Awful, another might label Sheer Brilliance. Will millions of blogs posting commentaries and stories by the thousands each moment, is it even possible to identify the worst ever?

Drum's list contains entries from Glenn Reynolds and Michelle Malkin, and you can vote on which is the worst of the bunch:

But why focus on the all-time worst in the wingnut blogosphere anyway? Isn't that mean? What's driving this besides sheer bloody-mindedness?

History, that's what. A century from now, even the very best blog posts will be long forgotten. Let's face it: they aren't that good. But bad blog posts will still be every bit as bad as they were on the day they were spawned. They'll endure. So really, we're doing this for the children. And the grandchildren.

The fourteen finalists for the worst, most embarrassing, most risible wingnut blog posts of all time are listed below. You can vote for up to five. So take a trip down memory lane and then vote for your favorites. Remember: It's your civic duty."

Full list here.


  1. I agree, not on anything, but in the average there are many different ways to skin a fly. My opinion is that everything is not what one might think, but rather the kind of position one would eat at breakfast.

  2. yes, Carl. Do you know Hans?