Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Can You Help Find This Pup?

My good friend and blogger Juliepatchouli writes with some very disturbing news that after recently relocating to a new home in the Strawberry Plains area, her wee Pomeranian pup has disappeared, and she would truly appreciate any help in locating the critter, shown in the picture on the left.

Here are the details about his last known location, and please folks, if any of you see him or have some other information, please add it to the comments on this post. A lost pup, traveling in and around major roads is a most fearful thing, especially for an indoor and very small dog like this"

He's been missing since Friday night 11/2 from the Ashley Oaks Subdivsion, which is off 11E in Strawberry Plains, 3 miles inside the Jefferson County line. He's been shaved recently and has a green halter on him. He has no ID on him! I could kick myself for that, just haven't gotten around to that having just moved, but that is no excuse!!

He's a 3 year old male neutered pom with that golden fox like appearance.

I've sent in a picture to the Jeff county humane society and taken fliers to the vets around here, and to the neighborhoods, and posted them at stores and stop signs. I've been to the Knox shelter too. It got so cold last night, that really is so scary.

He was spotted not to far from Highway 139 (Douglas Dam Road) around a pasture area on Sunday afternoon. We have looked all through that area. There is a BIG trailer park around there and we are going door to door there in the afternoons."

Late this summer, I too had a beloved pet disappear from the home and the absence was pure old Hell on my wits and on poor lost Sophie too.

So help Julie if you can, and send some good thoughts her way!

UPDATE: Sadly, there has been neither a sign or a hint of the lost pup, as of today (Friday). I do appreciate the concerns (as does juliepatchouli) and the search will continue.


  1. paige8:15 AM

    Sending good thoughts their way. i really hope they find her. She's a cutie.

  2. I do hope there's a happy reunion for Puppy & his family..

  3. Have you heard any good news on the Pup?

  4. i've heard no news as of yet - will double check and see if any sign of the pup has been found yet!
    thanks all for the good wishes!

  5. Any luck? Isn't that close to Smiley's house?

  6. sad to say Earlnemo, no sign of the little pup has ever been found, as of today, Nov. 18th.

    juliepatchouli's most recent post is one of some sadness over the loss and absence of the dog.

    sure wish i had better news to share!