Friday, November 09, 2007

Camera Obscura - P2 Opens Today; 'Old Men' Arrives; Cap'n Pike Returns to Star Trek

Even though we haven't arrived at the Thanksgiving holiday yet, some moviemakers have crafted a special gift for your Christmas stalking .... (a joke worthy of the Crypt Keeper, thank you very much).

The movie P2 opens in theatres today, a savage little thriller from the makers and writers of the movies "High Tension" and the remake of "The Hills Have Eyes." The story goes like so: working late in the office on Christmas Eve (never a good idea), an ambitious executive (Rachel Nichols) gets trapped in her office's parking garage when her car won't start and a security guard (Wes Bentley) offers her some food and shelter .... but he's not the good kind of security guard. He's rather insane and rather mean. Fortunately, the lady exec is not as helpless as one might think and this movie is off and running.

Here's a trailer from this thriller:

I love the shots of her searching in darkness with only the light of her cell phone to guide her.

Bentley has turned in some great performances, such as the villainous son o' satan in "Ghost Rider" and the geek who videotapes plastic bags swirling in the breeze in "American Beauty."

I've also enjoyed the work of writers Alexandre Aja and Franck Khalfoun in their previous thrillers, which offer intense and seemingly hopeless situations and usually have the audiences howling instructions at the screen.

Thanks go to the folks at M80 and Summit Entertainment for providing some valuable info on the movie and you can check out the Official P2 Movie Website to learn more.


The brilliant filmmaking team of our time, the Coen brothers, have dug deep into a novel by one of America's greatest writers, Cormac McCarthy, for "No Country For Old Men." The result is pure gold, and very likely Oscar gold too.

While it opens today in only limited release, I advise you to seek this one out when it is released, though do not expect a comedy from the Coen's here. This is both a crime classic from McCarthy and the Coens and yet still a fascinating story layered with multiple meanings.

Strong actors were needed to make this movie work, and Josh Brolin, who has been bringing some top notch characters to screen in recent years, has a revealing interview with Cinematical, explaining how he helped with script to bring the character of Vietnam vet Llewelyn Moss to life. Check out the podcast here.


Oddball, geeky and nerd news of the week: Rob Zombie decides to remake the 1980s shlock horror film, "C.H.U.D." I'll bet cast money no one ever bothers to remake the sequel to that minor B movie, "Bud The C.H.U.D." Heck, I'll bet cash money that I'm one of the three people on the planet who even saw that one.


Second-most notable geeky nerd news of the week: Captain Pike returns for the new Star Trek movie.


  1. Well it only makes since for Pike to be in the new Star Trek movie. I'm not a big fan of horror pics but I love me some thrillers. Which does P2 lean more toward in your estimation?

  2. it is more a thriller than horror, but there will be some gore to deal with too ...

  3. Christmas stalking...that is good!