Thursday, November 02, 2006

Praying For A Senate Seat

Laura Bush campaigned for Bob Corker in Kingsport this week and spoke in glowing generalized terms of what a fine Senator he would be. Given the event was held on very GOP-friendly ground, nothing need be said to convince anyone to vote for Corker -- it was more of a photo op and fundraising event. Ford has had his events as well.

But this comment from Corker in the Kingsport-Times News report did get my attention:

"The FEC (Federal Election Commission) makes you say that thing ‘I'm Bob Corker, and I approved this message.'" Corker told Republicans. "In fact what I'm hearing all across the state of Tennessee is that parents and grandparents tell me they will ask Johnny or Sally or whoever the young person is to say the blessing. They will say ‘Please bless this food. Please bless our family. Please keep us safe and secure. (Then they will say) I'm Bob Corker, and I approved this message.'"

Perhaps the kids have a better handle on government and religion than given credit for.

And as Tom Humphrey noted, Corker says he's been praying a lot.

Corker also stopped in Wilson County, just east of Nashville, to support an elementary school that faces a lawsuit for allowing a group called Praying Parents to meet there.

"I think any school would be so pleased to have parents who gather once a month - not in the presence of students - praying to give the faculty and students strength and guidance," Corker said.

"We all know the strength that comes from prayer; I pray 10-12 times a day on the campaign trail," Corker said.

At the time Corker met with that group, Ford was holding a meeting with "Faith Night At The Polls."

I suppose it's time to tweak to the old adage - "There are no atheists in voting booths".


  1. Anonymous2:53 PM

    There is an atheist in the voting booth whenever I push the lever. There just are no vocal atheists in politics.

  2. no 'electable' vocal atheists ....

  3. Anonymous9:48 AM

    ,,,and all of God's people say AMEN