Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Candidate Charges Bush With Treason

Charges of Treason have been brought against President Bush and others by third party candidate for congress Robert Smith here in the 1st District. He promised to do this back at the beginning of the campaign and says on his blog he filed the paperwork in October.

At noon today I stood inside the federal courthouse here in Greeneville, TN. I made sure the Marshals knew I was charging Treason by the President and his enabelers. I demanded that the specifics be forwarded to where they could be acted upon."

The formal charge (and a press conference, if he can get the press interested) is planned for Nov. 7th in Greeneville, according to this post by Newscoma.


  1. And once again, I've seen nothing on this but you and me chatting it up although I think its MSM worthy.

  2. The MSM sure prints up/broadcasts every other press release they get their hands on!

  3. The MSM can't get off the Ford is bad/good, Corker is bad/good bandwagon.
    I find this story to be intriguing.

  4. Anonymous12:39 PM

    On my windshield i found a flyer of a write-in candidate, Tom Davidson, who had a "Top Ten" list of reasons to elect him to the Senate over Ford and Corker. One of the reasons was that "He'd solve illegal immigration concerns by selling a 2000 mile strip of land along the U.S./Mexican border to the North Koreans". He's got my vote.