Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gov. Haslam and the Goldilocks Complex

I'm calling it the Goldilocks Complex - governors are doing too little or too much but precious few are doing their jobs jes' right.
I've been trying to be optimistic in puzzling out the nature of Gov. Haslam's politics, glad that he isn't making headlines like, say, Jan Brewer or Rod Blajojevich or Bob McDonnell or Scott Walker or ... well, the list is like a list of Huey Long wannabes. More and more it seems governors are using their office to advance themselves more than advance their individual states.

Sadly, Gov. Haslam seems to be missing-in-action on so many critical issues - like knowing what bills are in the Tennessee legislature as I mentioned yesterday.

Besty Phillips at the Nashville Scene sums it up pretty well:

"It's the end of March. The state legislature is planning to wrap up in April. And the governor hasn't seen or doesn't know how he feels about the bills winding their way through the process? The bills he either has to sign into law or veto?

Either Haslam is incompetent, or someone on his staff is. Say what you want about our legislature, every single bill in all its iterations is available to read and track for free on the General Assembly website. There is simply no excuse for Haslam not to be up to date on what legislation is in the pipeline. "I don't know" and "I haven't seen the bill" at this late stage in the game is just a flabbergasting thing for Tennessee's governor to admit. Why isn't he following these bills?

The man whose set himself the task of completely overhauling how the state works seems not to know how it works to begin with. I find that frightening".

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