Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan Williams Did Not Die For Your Sins

Truth is, most of the "opinions" of news folk on cable "news" and radio today are notable for their lurid acrimony and not for insight.

Want to know and understand your world? Go be in it and turn off the dang TV/radio. Being a terrified shut-in with a TV does not make you wise.

Otherwise, this whole "something-shockingly-stupid/bigoted-spoken-on-shock-show" sounds mostly like "but enough about you, let's talk about me and why I'm important."

Here's another note for the endlessly babbling bobble-heads - when you say "I'm-not-a-bigot-but", you've already made your point.

And if you are among those who think NPR should be "defunded by the government" for firing Juan Williams, two things to note: one, no such word as defunded, and two, you obviously think government should dictate content to NPR.

Remember when incompetent people were fired from their jobs for being incompetent and it wasn't news?


  1. My take on this isn't difficult to anticipate.

    NPR did the right thing, but it's not about any kind of bigotry to me. Juan Williams was appearing on FOX. Anyone who works for a genuine news media agency, and would associate professionally with the Traitor Channel (FOX), should be fired.
    William's journalistic integrity had been compromised beyond repair by his own hand. He went on FOX. An entity proven conclusively to have substituted genuine news with lies and to have knowingly done so.

    To me, what Williams said about Muslims isn't important. Many of the same people complaining about this say even worse about Christians and nobody cares....
    It's where Williams said it that matters.

    Now Juan Williams is a traitor too. It is what it is.

    Regards, JP. ;-]_~

  2. they had been looking for a reason to fire him ... truth is they just should have fired him long ago.

  3. and really, as shrill as the FOX crew is, folks at CNN/HLN and MSNBC too often program 'witch hunts as entertainment' instead of news.

  4. That is also true. No doubt.

  5. Anonymous10:00 AM

    "Traitor channel"?

    Perhaps Vivian Schiller could have her psychiatrist tell us that the real reason Juan Williams was fired is because some of the "progressive" fat cats that heretofore wrote ample checks to NPR, threatened to withhold them if he didn't walk the plank.

    For a change, why not tell it as it is??

  6. her psychiatrist? what would yours tell us of you Anonymous?