Thursday, October 14, 2010

Can You Take The Frightmare Manor Challenge?

UPDATE: Learn more about Frightmare Manor 2011 here!!

The weekend approaches, which means it's time to suit up again in them scary monster clothes and work to bring fear to life at Frightmare Manor, right here in beautiful downtown Talbott, TN.

The local paper shot some video of what goes on inside ... where all that uneasy laughter starts turning to screams. It's not just a haunted house - it's 4 haunted attractions that almost anyone can survive ... can you?


  1. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Yes, it is fun for those over the age of 13. But for those under 13 it is hard to separate fun from reality.
    There should be an age limit.
    The ass hole who brought his 4 year old son to the haunted house should be put in jail and the kid put in foster care.

  2. i saw some mighty young kids being taken thru once or twice and they sure looked utterly terrified. and i'd put the age limit at around 9 or 10. younger than that seems an odd way to entertain a kid, but all kids are different.

  3. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Usually they DO have an age limit. At Frighworks, they have both an age limit AND they will not allow a parent to take in a child who doesn't want to go.

  4. Anonymous1:32 AM

    Well...then go to Frightworks if you're under 13! But if you wanna get scared, Then go to Frightmare Manor! BEST by far!

  5. hi! I also work at Frightmare Manor! :) I'm upset that I didn't see me in the video...I didn't get to see what my acting skills were like...haha!
    P.S. I was in the toy room where that clown was! :)

  6. I also work at Frightmare Manor! 2010-2011 and I have to say that I LOVE working there!!! It may be a little "tiring" but it's definetly worth it!