Friday, August 06, 2010

Tea Party 'Refudiated' In TN Elections

Despite hosting 'national tea party conventions' over the last few months in Tennessee, the so-called 'Tea Party' earned blistering losses in the elections and primaries on Thursday.

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, proud Tea Party candidate, landed a distant 3rd place in the Republican primary, just ahead of Basil Marceaux. Other candidates in the mostly mythical 'tea party' got support from media celebs like Sarah Palin and New Gingrich were also ignored by voters.

Perhaps also the Tennessee race can put to rest the piece of media conventional wisdom that the Tea Party is a significant political movement. They're going to need to start winning some actual elections for that to be true."

NOTE: "Refudiate" is Palin-speak.

NOTE 2: Tennessee Democrats still could not gain ground among voters despite the splintering of the Republican party.

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  1. While I would like to agree with your point that the recent TN elections prove the Tea Party is a myth...TN is such a conservative state that we may not be a good barometer. I have very moderate views for where I grew up and I am one of 'those @#%!% Liberals' down here.

    Like the blog by the way...