Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Rep. Roe's Health Care Plan: 'Heal Yourself'

Busy seeking re-election to Congress, 1st District Republican Phil Roe offers his Health Care Plan to the Johnson City Press -- if you're sick, it's your fault and you should heal yourself.

He said instead, to lower health care costs, Americans should take more responsibility for their own health by using a health savings account, which would provide care up to a set amount using an individual’s personal savings toward their health care."

Forget health insurance. Just save some money up and spend it yourself. And stay away from a doctor and just don't make the mistake of being sick.

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  1. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Yep, they claim we can't afford universal health care but, we can give Israel 7.5 billion dollars in addition to the millions we give them each year. We can give a billion each year to fight AIDES in Africa even though it has been proven that the people won't change their behavior to help stop AIDES. We can lose/misplace/whoknowswhat a couple of billion in Iraq but we can't have universal health care.

    Did you watch the PBS Frontline "Sick Around the World". Excellent information.
    More Later...
    Morrisita Townson