Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Next Wasilla Mayor - Levi Johnston??

Ah, the Palin Tragi-Comedy Entertainment Machine just never, ever stops.

So what's next for the PTCEM??

Spin-off celebrity Levi Johnston says he wants to run for Mayor of Wasilla, yes, the same town where Sarah herself gained the ability to become a half-term governor and failed V.P. nominee, and it will be a TV show too!!

Stone and Co., which describes Loving Levi as a "real inside look into who he is as a father, a skilled hunter, an avid dirt biker, and his journey down the road of small-town politics... right after he gets his high school diploma," has already started shooting the pilot, according to Variety.

And though Johnston didn't look as if he was kicking off a political campaign last night at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards, he says that he will fulfill his duties as mayor if elected.

"It's hard to figure me out," he said. "You've got to follow me around. I'm very different. I lead a crazy life. But it will basically be both worlds, my life in Hollywood and back home, the real country boy that I am."

Well, you don't have to follow him around, but apparently somebody's going to.

The 22-year-old father of one ... said that he and Bristol were indeed looking for the right reality-show opportunity during the brief time they were back together, but that they "weren't thrilled with any of the ideas. We got a lot of offers. But the fact is we didn't want to do it."

Too bad "Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island" are off the air ... but I'm kinda thinking none of the PTCEM crew knows that. Or maybe they just think they are all on both shows now.

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