Saturday, May 02, 2009

Music For A Saturday In May - Jazzy Version

Over the past few years I've added several collections of music which you can listen to on many of the posts I've made, mostly through a service called Seeqpod. Sadly, they have been sued by a couple of record lables - Warner and EMI to name a few. The result is the Seeqpod folks have had to file bankruptcy and suspend operations while they sort out this mess.

That also means all those posts which did have music you could listen to are all empty as the embeded music is just no longer there.

So I was working on adding some music for this fine day in May and have decided to try a new one service, called Imeem instead. Let's see if it works (and the return of Seeqpod will arrive soon, I hope). The music I picked for today is a sampling of some jazz tunes I really enjoy and hope you will too. I do listen to all types of music, new and old, I just liked the way all these sounded for this particular day in May.

One song I encountered recently is the first one, by a singer famous for her humor, her high girlish voice and her unique jazzy sound named Blossom Dearie. As a longtime fan of jazz singers and jazz music, I was a bit embarrased to discover I had never heard of her before. She passed away back in February and if you have never heard her before, I hope you like it enough to go in search of more from her, as I did. I found out while listening to the song I included that the modern singer Feist covered this tune too, but rather than repeat her version, I found another by Feist tune which I liked too. The others are just a taste of some other jazzy tunes, including one of my favorites from Louis Armstrong. Enjoy!

some jazz


  1. ELIS REGINA is known as "the little hurricane", apt...

  2. Her WikiPedia page (not exactly the bestest of all internet sources) says "Her nicknames were "furac√£o" ("hurricane") and "pimentinha" ("little pepper").

    I just liked that tune. Never could determine an exact translation for the title, but what the hey -- i likes it.