Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Will We Need License Plates In Heaven?

Specialty license plates used to be an annoying indicator of the hubris and pride of a car owner. Now, like so much else today, these plates are yet another annoying indicator of how narrow-minded and useless some elected officials have become.

In Tennessee, politicos are mingling license plates with religion and politics and social issues into another weapon of mass distraction in the pointless game of posturing and posing in a culture war, foisted onto a culture which needs less war and could really use some peace.

Kleinheider notes the commotion in his post:

Praise the Lord!” exclaimed Rep. Karen Camper, D-Memphis, when the House Public Safety Subcommittee gave its approval to HB2196 late Tuesday.

The bill would create a special license plate for the Church of God in Christ, which Camper said has a 102-year history and a national headquarters in Memphis where Martin Luther King gave his famous “I have been to the mountaintop” speech."

I suppose it could be worse. Like in Florida, where elected officials are pushing for a Jesus license plate.

Since everybody these days claims to know What Jesus Would Do, let me ask a question. Do you think he would want to be mass-produced by Caesar's state, sold for money and displayed on the public streets to gratify an act of pandering political piety?"

Why are politicians intent on making religious beliefs a way to divide us?

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