Wednesday, April 23, 2008

X-Box 360 Live Gets Local Assist

Tune in tonight online for a new show called LAGtv, which is co-produced by my friend Jessie, and is a tri-weekly live internet broadcast aimed at X-Box 360 gamers. Jess (aka Mountain Girl) has been a very active part of the gaming world for a while and I know she'll find much success with this relatively new enterprise.

Tennessee Jed clued me into this new enterprise, and he designed their logo, too.

Go here for the broadcast. What is it, really, you ask?

This show is raw gamer television, where we talk about what the gamers want to hear. If you are wondering if a game is going to be worth getting, we’ll show you game play LIVE so you can make up your mind easier. If your wanting the latest updated news on what’s going on in the game world we’ll talk about it, and since our show is ALWAYS LIVE, you can even call into the show via Phone, Chat, or even use your Xbox Live Vision cam to actually be on the show!"

Live gaming is a blast to play, no doubt, and I have extremely poor skills. With a bit of practice, it can be seriously addicting. The site also has previous episodes to check out too.


  1. You're invited for some fun and games at my place, baby.

  2. yay!!!! thanks, Tits!!! i heart bacon games and assorted fun!!!

  3. Thanks Joe! I just saw this today. You need to come check out the studio. Give me a call or shoot me an email.

  4. I love Tits List and a good Cup of Joe Powell.