Monday, December 17, 2007

State Needs Paper Trail for Voting Machines

I had a post, albeit brief, on a study calling for the state's election commissions to adopt the use of voter-verified paper audit trails for voting machines, and posted it about one minute later on TennViews than a post on the same topic from R. Neal.

His post was far better, and I suggest you read his, right here.

The only points I wanted to raise on the topic are:

Having qualified poll workers is regarded as a challenge in over half the counties in Tennessee?

Is there a remedy for the lack of participation and interest in voting?

Has the majority simply plugged into electronic solutions to measure and count votes for elected offices and discarded the value of educating each generation of the workings of the election process itself?

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  1. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Ohio was working on a plan to have qualified high school juniors and seniors, regardless of age, work their poll stations along side seasoned poll workers. The key benefit is that these young kids have no problem dealing with the software and techno stuff that older poll workers can only shake their heads at. And option was shorten the hours each poll worker was required to work. It is far easier to get more workers when they only have four hour shifts.