Sunday, September 02, 2007

Stats on Blogging American-Style

Finding a survey about blogs is as easy as finding a blog, and new surveys, like blogs, arrive almost daily. A new study does indicate that more Americans know what the term blog means, and that bloggers are more likely to be female.

Certainly, I would say that women write or administrate many of the blogs I frequent. I like that they use them as platforms for writing, for offering strongly-held beliefs, and as community touchstones. (Men utilize the media much the same, however.)

WebPro writes about the survey and some findings include:

"Loyalty to specific blogs is relatively strong with 46 percent of blog readers reporting that they visit the same blogs regularly compared to 54 percent who search for new or different blogs.

Awareness and usage of blogs, along with people writing their own correlates to age, with younger people being more active. Close to 90 percent of people ages 25 to 34 know what a blog is, compared to 65 percent of those 65 and over. Seventy-eight percent of those ages 18 to 24 who are aware of blogs have visited a blog, compared to 45 percent of older Americans.

The survey found that there are more women bloggers than men, with 20 percent of American women who have visited blogs have their own versus 14 percent of men.

When it comes to reading blogs 39 percent read them less than once a month, another 28 percent visit them monthly, 15 percent visit them daily and 5 percent read them several times a day.

While blog usage continues to grow, so does its potential as a marketing tool. Forty-three percent of blog visitors said they had noticed advertising on blog sites, increasing to 61 percent among those ages 18 to 24. Around one-third of readers have clicked on an ad while reading a blog.

Even though people are spending more time with blogs they are not replacing other media. Only 13 percent of blog readers said they spend less time with other forms of media (newspapers, television, radio) since they started following blogs.

When questioned about the kind of information they get from blogs, 65 percent said they get opinions, 39 percent get news and 38 percent get entertainment.On the main reason people read blogs, close to half said they find blogs entertaining, and another 26 percent read them to learn about hobbies or other areas they are interested in."

I too tend to visit sites I like often, but also search daily for new sites to visit. As for how often each day I visit and re-visit sites, I am in that smallest percentage. Which means I either have too much free time or am nearly obsessed with creating and reading online content.

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  1. I got to some of the same blogs for community's sake, but I really like new blogs and seek them out.