Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Gas Planned In Bean Station

It is no joke - although suppressing them may be impossible.

The town of Bean Station is seeking help so they can set a Guinness world record for cooking up the largest pot of beans ever. Nearby Bush Brothers - they of much bean fame and fortune - has donated 1200 pounds of pinto beans to be cooked. But building a 600 gallon pot is no easy effort and the town is seeking sponsors to make their bean dreams a reality.

The city hopes the event at their 11th Annual Harvest Pride Days Festival on Oct. 11-12 breaks the old record set in 2002 in Horace, North Dakota.

And yes, why shouldn't Bean Station have the record for Biggest Pot o' Beans? Snuggled into the bends and curves along the lakes and highways, Bean Station is a most friendly place. More info on the festival is here.

Over the many years here in East TN, I have had many a fine friend from Bean Station. And heard more jokes about the wee town than you can imagine.

So don't be deadly silent. Help them if you can. The freshly-made beans will be sold by the bowl, along with some cornbread, with proceeds going to charity. I bet it will all be a gas!


  1. Years ago I was in Oregon to see a Dead show and I overheard a group of fans (a.k.a. Dead Heads)talking about odd named places they had passed in their travels. There were several good ones, but the one that got the biggest laugh was our beloved Bean Station Tennessee. I haven't looked yet to see if there is a Wiki entry for the Granger county village if not there should be. I am sure if the pull this one off they will be on the map. I for one am wishing them the very best of luck.

  2. My advice is to eat & run..;o)