Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If You Can't Cope With The Game of Tag ...

A northern Colorado elementary school system has decided to ban the playing of Tag during recess.

Causes violence, say administrators, who have created a "Trouble-Free Playground" program.

At the risk of being callous and cruel, I can only offer this advice: if an elementary school game of tag is too tough and hard for a kid, then adolescence and adulthood will be shockingly unbearable to you.

Stay at home, pack yourself in cotton-wadding and bubble-wrap and disconnect the TV and the phone.

While I did not like the advice at the time, when a football coach told me to "walk it off", the advice was fairly good. Get over it or do not play. (I opted not to play, became an 'athletic assistant' and got to ride on the bus with the cheerleaders and the band, which was waaaaaay more fun.)


  1. um, Joe, a little birdie told me that today was your birthday. Happy birthday, if that is indeed the case...

  2. that is to say, today IS your birthday...

  3. Damn it all to hell! I missed your (and Bird's) birthday, baby! I suck!

    Hope it was a lovely one, dear Joe.

  4. thanks for the b-B-day wishes, LA and Tits, much appreciated.

    and yeah, Tits, it is also the B-day of Charlie Parker. makes me feel fine to know that. (i do try to ignore it is also Michael Jackson's b-day too.