Monday, June 25, 2007

You Have to Be Growed to Read This Blog

I noticed a few other bloggers I read have made use of some Web assesment dealie, where they determine the rating a blog would get if it were to fall under the movie ratings system of the MPAA.

I was a little surprised to see what rating I got. This is not a blog fer schoolkids nor does it thump to life daily from the very heart of average America, I know that. Anyway, here's what this blog was rated, thought the 'reasons' offered seem pretty silly.

Online Dating

Why such a rating? It's based on the presence of the following words, which they do not like:
  • zombie (10x)
  • sex (6x)
  • meth (4x)
  • dead (3x)
  • torture (2x)
  • tit (1x)


    1. R. Neal11:11 AM

      KnoxViews is rated R, because of the following, which results in an unintentional but amusing phrase:

      dick (5x) hurt (2x) dead (1x)

      (The "dicks" are in reference to Cheney. His name, but I guess you could read it either way.)

    2. I guess we all really know exactly what 'dick' means when combined with Cheney.

    3. Dick is what rated me "R" as well, r. Neal.
      Amuses the shit out of me.

    4. Anonymous2:23 PM

      If you say "zombie" one more time I'm leaving.

    5. Cinemonkey5:35 PM

      You've said "zombie" over 1 1/2 times as often as you've said "sex".
      That's just wrong.

    6. OK... now don't laugh and don't let that mouth full of beer squirt out of your nose, but they rate my poor neglected blog as 'G' (breast 1x).


    7. If your blog is rated NC-17, Joe, I'm not going to even bother checking mine.