Thursday, June 28, 2007

Real ID Act Tucked Inside Immigration Bill

UPDATE: The Senate has killed the immigration bill for this session.
Got a new national law, which states have been voting to not enforce, and looking for a way to jam that proposed law down everyone's throats?

Hide it in the controversial Immigration Reform Bill under debate now in the Senate.(See UPDATE above)

I've written often before on how this bill is bad for America. It was originally hidden in a bill providing relief for victims of the tsunami in Southeast Asia a few years ago.

This new ID will be mandatory for every American - without one, you could not open a bank account, buy an airline ticket, collect Social Security benefits (never mind that you have a SS ID card and number), you could not enter any federal facility, and you would not be able to operate a vehicle (never mind that current Drivers License you own.) In addition, security experts have stated the lack of wisdom in creating a single database which would contain so much information which identity thieves require to steal info about you. It would be a one-stop shopping center for identity thieves.

Tennessee's legislature voted to repeal the act, and that it won't enforce it unless the billions in costs related to creating the ID are paid for with Federal funds. 15 states have done the same, 10 more have voted to approve it in one section of their legislature and 6 more states have anti-Real ID legislation pending.

In defending the plan, The National Review claims:

... states will have to secure their issuance processes, utilize tamper-resistant materials and production methods, and ensure that only legal U.S. residents receive state-identification documents for federal purposes" .....

Yo, there National Review --- isn't that the normal function NOW for state documentation? What magic wand will be waved over the Real ID program so that it works?

The current Immigration Reform Bill now being considered has an amendment to remove the ID Act from that bill, though it does not halt the program from being mandatory by 2013. This post via KnoxViews has links for you to notify your Senator to stop the Real ID in the Immigration Bill.

The ID plan turns the Dept. of Motor Vehicles into agents for Immigration, for Homeland Security and what if a state you travel to does not recognize your state's official ID? We could just inject every American citizen or legal immigrant with a "patriot-certified" radio-frequency chip to insure their identity, and just as quickly, forgeries for that will appear.

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